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Bird with string in mouth

Why Are Some Wild Animals More Tolerant to Human Interaction Than Others?

Meta-analysis Led by UCLA Biologist Could Have Implications for Conservation Strategies

Cover by matt macgillivray

New Research: Songbirds’ Silent Killer

West Nile Virus Has Reduced Survival Rates by 50% for Some Backyard Favorites

Magali Delmas

What Really Motivates Green Behavior?

It's Not Altruism, Says IoES Professor Magali Delmas


‘Bending the Curve’: Can We Flat-Line Global Warming by 2050?

A New Report from 50 University of California System Researchers Shows How

Grand Challenges: Sustainable LA

How can we achieve sustainability in energy and water while enhancing ecosystem health in Los Angeles County by 2050?
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Upcoming Events

  • Towards Food, Energy and Water Security in California

    Towards Food, Energy and Water Security in California
    ​A free three-day workshop running from Dec 2-4 at UCLA examines Food-Energy-Water Security in California under Changing Conditions: the Nexus Perspective.

  • Thriving in a Hotter Los Angeles
    Achieving 100 percent water sustainability by 2050 is one of the goals of the UCLA Grand Challenge Team. Join some of the world’s top experts in climate change, water quality and supply, public policy, law, and more to discuss the feasibility of the goal, potential ways to get there, and the importance of local water self-sufficiency for L.A. businesses and families.

    December 2, 2015 7:30 PM